Cell phones are here to stay, and a necessary part of life. Because we don’t know conclusively that they are 100% safe, and because there is potential for much harm, it is always best to be as safe as possible.

Safety tips

Avoid using the phone unless there is an emergency. Use text messaging whenever possible.

Keep conversations short.

Don’t keep the handset on your body. Even men can keep them in carry bags.

Use the speaker rather than holding the handset to your head.

Avoid using a cellphone while moving. The signal increases in strength to keep finding and establishing a connection with nearest cell phone tower.

Avoid using a cellphone in a car, bus, train or lift, as the power will increase to get the signal through the metal.

Don’t use the phone when you’re at a petrol station or hospital, as it can potentially interfere with the equipment.

Turn the phone off during an electrical storm, as it acts as a lightning rod.

Don’t use the phone when the signal is weak, as it will put out a stronger signal.

Hands free sounds like a good idea, but there is conflicting evidence about the safety of different kits.

Bluetooth also has potential dangers by possibly magnifying the signal, though there is conflicting evidence about this.

People most at risk

Children’s brains are still developing, with cells multiplying.

Elderly people have a more vulnerable immune system. Microwaves from the phone may cause drugs and toxins to get through into brain more easily.

Pregnant women, as the developing fetus is vulnerable.

Men may find their fertility at risk, with reduced sperm or affected sperm shape.

Spectacle wearers are at increased risk as metal rimmed glasses intensify exposure to microwaves to the eye by 20% and to the head by 6.3%.

Epileptics may have a larger chance of getting a seizure due to the microwaves.

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