Questions to ask when considering a dermal filler treatment

Dermal fillers are becoming more affordable and available as one of the most popular cosmetic treatments. A dermal filler treatment is generally very safe and is performed as a walk in – walk out treatment. When deciding whether to have a dermal filler, several questions should come to mind.

What is a dermal filler?

A product that is packaged in a syringe that is used to inject into the skin to lift wrinkles or under the skin to give volume to the face. The most popular ones consist of hyaluronic acid which is a sugar found in all animals.

What is a dermal filler used for?

Restore lip shape and volume, treat lines around the mouth and lift up the cheeks. Improve under eye hollows and help the appearance of scars. Some specifically hydrate the skin of the face, neck and hands.

Is this treatment right for me?

Consult with an experienced doctor or the doctors nurse in a medical clinic. Time should be spent over a thorough medical, medication and allergy history. Some situations make the procedure riskier.

You must be given informed consent. What are your other treatment options including no treatment? What can go wrong, how serious it is, and what can be done about it? After all, it is not strictly necessary for you to undergo this treatment for your health, so you need to know all about it.

How effective is the treatment and how long does it last?

Between 6-18 months, especially if a top up treatment is performed at around 6-9 months.

How skilled and experienced is the doctor or nurse who will inject my face?

You should always ask this question.

What can go wrong?

It's generally very safe. Rarely, allergy, infection or other serious side effects can occur – these require specific timely expert treatment in a medical clinic.

What happens if something does go wrong?

Are you in a medical clinic with emergency equipment and drugs? Is it being performed by a doctor, or a nurse with a doctor immediately available? Are you given a 24 hour phone number to call if problems?

Are there any long term risks?

Usually not, if done safely, in a well equipped medical clinic by a doctor or with a nurse and the doctor available.

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