The Low Stress Diet

This is not only to help with stress, but its also the Lose Weight Diet, the Low Allergy Diet, the Low Inflammation Diet, etc. It is the diet we were meant to eat.

We have been on the earth for 6 million years, mostly as a hunter gatherer, eating hunter gatherer food. We started growing foods like grains and animals (Beef) around 10 thousand years ago when we formed population groups. This means that grains and dairy are relatively new.

The small bowel is the part of the bowel where nutrients are absorbed from our foods. Around the small bowel lives 70% of our lymph glands – called Peyers Patches. Inside the lining of the small bowel live 2.2 kg of ‘friendly bacteria’ – these are 10 Billion cells – one human has only 1 Billion cells, so this is 10 humans worth of cells!

The friendly bacteria communicate with our Peyers Patches as food comes in. If something comes into the body that is not familiar, two things can happen – the friendly bacteria send ‘alarm messages’ to the immune system, and the bacteria types change, so that the messages change. These changes and messages cause inflammation in the body which influences health.

The ideal diet for everyone says:

  1. Avoid foods that harm – Alcohol, caffeine, sugar. But how do we know what other foods, although we could commonly suspect dairy and gluten in grains? You can get clues from looking at your family’s and your health history. If there is irritable bowel, consider avoiding gluten. If there is migraine, its gluten, dairy, yeast, and citrus. If its allergy or asthma, its gluten and dairy. If you have had a tonsillectomy or ear problems as a child, avoid dairy. If its any autoimmune disease like thyroid problems, Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus etc, then its gluten and probably dairy.
  2. Help the bowel to work, by avoiding foods that harm, and take a Probiotic. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that if swallowed, give a health benefit. They mostly contain Lactobacillis and Biffidis bacteria. No, yoghurt is not good enough, especially if you should avoid dairy. Get a professional probiotic and keep it in the fridge – it will work wonders for respiratory, urinary, vaginal and bowel infections. It will also help to rebalance the bowel bacteria if you have eaten the wring things.
  3. Take Omega 3 fish oil, and a good Multi-vitamin.

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